It has arrived..

Welcome to the new Bliss Revolution and the ‘Revel in Bliss Wednesday’ Blog Series.

I had a dream one night that was the trigger of inspiration for creating this new video blog series for you. My dream was a powerful metaphor that beautifully defines the transformation I have experienced in my life over the last five years.  Because of my own personal transformation I am super passionate about supporting women to remember their innate beauty, strength and creative power  to manifest lives they love.

In this new blog series, I am going to be sharing with you the same techniques that myself and my private clients have used to transform our lives.  I’ve got so much fabulous content lined up and I am so excited to share it with you.

Watch this video to hear about my dream..

So “Why would we want to revel in Bliss?” you might ask.. Well, why not!? Seriously, life isn’t meant to be a constant up hill struggle everyday. Your true nature is to be in bliss.. It has been ever since you came into this world.

When you are making the conscious choice every day to party in the space of your own fabulousness, you are aligning with your creative power.  You are taking your life into your own hands instead of being swept along with it and you are having a blast doing it.

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How to stop addictive eating

I love chocolate, I really do. Sometimes I eat lots of it. Sometimes that is fine, actually it is always fine.

Claire chocolate

But sometimes times my body gives me feedback in the way of bloating or acne and I realise that it is time to make some other food choices to give my body some different nutrients.

I used to find chocolate very hard to stop eating, especially if I had had a lot of it for days on end.  I know that this is a common challenge for women I work with, so I want to share my approach with you, that helps me to change my eating behaviours. And this can be applied to anything, not just chocolate.

The first thing I ask my self is “Who do I know myself to be when I am craving chocolate?”

Through asking this question, I found that my energy around my cravings was very contracted. You may get a different answer when you apply this question, which is perfect, it is all about awareness. And having that awareness opens the door to move out of that energy more easily.

Then I close my eyes and take several deep breaths into my core.  I then expand this feeling of fullness outside of my body.

When I feel more expanded I have created space to then be able to listen to my body and what she is truly wanting.

Often the foods I am craving are not chocolate after all, rather higher quality more sustaining foods.  Sometimes my body isn’t wanting food at all.

Hunger and cravings can be a surface level mask for a variety of different physical needs such as sleep, love, touch or exercise.

Listen to your female body with respect and love. When she is giving you physical symptoms that indicate that she is out of balance, take a look at what you are doing that might be causing it.

Ask yourself: Who do I know myself to be at the moment? You can be more specific in your questioning than that so you get more clarity in your answers.

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